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Preparing to Sell a Used Car Privately

Easy guidelines to ensure the sale goes quickly and as smoothly as possible!

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Checks & Repairs

Some potential buyers might want to have your car inspected by a mechanic of their choice. Such a request should be warmheartedly welcomed, but to avoid any potential surprises, you may want to have your own mechanic or third party specialist inspect the car prior to placing a ‘for sale’ ad.
(Some auto companies inspect your car at your home or office and could independently verify its description and general condition.)
Consider to have all known mechanical defects, dents or cracks or other maintenance issues resolved beforehand. You could also mention to prospective buyers that such items will be fixed once he/she buys the car, but this might open negotiations for the buyer to try and drive the price lower and should be avoided as far as possible.
If the car is still quite new, think seriously about having small dents or scratches removed to set the car apart from the others – buyers will quickly recognize if the car is in spotless condition. Known maintenance items such as brake pads, discs, worn tyres and wiper blades can quickly become an issue when taking a roadworthiness test, and should be taken care of. Keep all invoices and present to the buyer to help establish trust in you and your vehicle.
Additionally, you could get a ‘third-party’ company to do a multi-point check on the vehicle by a company that is associated with that AA. Doing such a test usually includes a roadworthy test as well and would really boost buyer confidence. Be aware that doing this, could point out issues that you were not aware of that you will have to fix or disclose to the buyer according to the Consumer protection act.
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