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Preparing to Sell a Used Car Privately

Easy guidelines to ensure the sale goes quickly and as smoothly as possible!

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Selling your car directly to a private buyer can be a daunting process, but is also good way to get the best possible price for your car. Getting a higher price would surely help when putting up the deposit for that shiny new model! The selling process can however also be quite time consuming and might have some additional risks involved. Follow these easy guideline to ensure the sale goes quickly and as smoothly as possible:

Getting Ready

When selling your car privately, make sure it is looking its best. A second hand auto dealer will always have the cars on his showroom floor looking in pristine condition, and so should you if you want to close a fast and successful sale! When the car is being inspected, a potential buyer is more likely to buy if they feel the car has been well looked after, so be sure to:
• Clean your car thoroughly inside and out (Consider a full valet service – it might sound expensive, but you will quickly reap the rewards when showing off the car to potential buyers)
• Wash and wax the exterior and clean all the windows.
• Remove all clutter from the interior and boot of the car, vacuum and wipe down all interior surfaces
• Get rid of any evidence of dog hairs, possible messes made by children or cigarette smoke
• Replace burnt-out lights or fuses and top off all fluid levels.
• Clean out the glove box neatly and only have the relevant documents remain inside for prospective buyers’ perusal.
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