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Paperwork Required for Selling a Used Car

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Provide the buyer with the original manufacturer service book and any receipts you might have saved for maintenance or repairs that was done to the vehicle. A full service history and receipts for any work done will show the vehicle has been cared for. Even if you haven’t always serviced the car at the vehicle manufacturer or used third party service centres, be honest with the potential buyer. If the car is still under warranty, notify the dealership of the change of ownership.


To get the vehicle registered in the new owner’s name, it is required that the seller or buyer visit the nearest vehicle registration authority and submit the following documents:
• Identification document (ID)
• The vehicle registration certificate (In the seller’s name)
• A roadworthy certificate, if the current registration certificate is older than six months
• Proof of purchase (The sales agreement, or a receipt provided by the seller)
• A valid motor vehicle licence ((Ensure that the licence fees for the vehicle are up to date)
• Completed application form for registering and licencing a motor vehicle (RLV – Blue form)
• Application fee (The fee depends on the province in which it is registered)

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