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Paperwork Required for Selling a Used Car

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A sales agreement is not mandatory, but is highly recommended for both the seller as well as the buyer’s protection. It serves as your proof of sale and could protect you in the event of possible disagreements and discrepancies that could arise. For purposes of the CPA (Consumer protection act), all existing faults or exclusions should also be disclosed by the seller in the sales agreement.
If you feel comfortable without signing a sales agreement, you should still provide the buyer with a receipt for your car and should have a full description of the car – make, model, engine size, registration and chassis number. It should also give your own and the buyer’s full name and addresses, sales amount and payment method. The receipt should be signed by both parties. Remember to date it and add the time of sale so you can avoid any issues with the new owner committing offences in the car.


When you intend to sell a vehicle, the vehicle will change ownership, and the Department of Transport should be notified, by you, the seller.
Before re-registering a pre-owned or used vehicle to a new owner, the seller must first complete and submit a Notification of change of ownership (NCO – Yellow) form, which gives notification of change of ownership to the department of transport.

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A roadworthiness certificate is needed in order to register a vehicle in a new owner’s name. You as the seller can have the vehicle tested for roadworthiness beforehand, but roadworthiness certificates are only valid for 21 days, and hence is recommended that the buyer do this. To get a roadworthiness certificate it is necessary for either the seller or the buyer to go to the nearest vehicle testing station with the following documents:
• The vehicle’s registration certificate
• Identification document (ID)
• Completed Application for Roadworthiness Certificate form (ACR)
• Associated Fee

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