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Keep It Clean

People associate cleanliness with care, so keep your vehicle as clean as possible. The cleaner your car, the more it will be worth when it comes time to sell it. Vacuuming the interior regularly is a must, and protecting carpets with floor mats is essential. Consider using a protective wax/cream for the interior to prolong the life of leather, rubber and plastic finishes. Washing and waxing your car on a regular basis is vital for maintaining a shiny paint job and to protect it against the elements.

Do Not Modify/Customize your Car

If you are planning to sell the vehicle ultimately, resist the urge to customize / personalize it too much. Don’t do modifications that will damage the appearance or functionality of the vehicle. Remember to save the stock parts so that you can restore the car to its original condition before selling. Keep in mind that aftermarket modifications can actually decrease a car’s value.

Sell your Car Privately

Selling your car privately could bring you up to 20% more for your vehicle. Used car dealers will only offer an average ‘trade price’ or ‘book value’ that is often significantly below the market value that you should get when selling privately. The ‘trade price’ off a vehicle is essentially the lowest value of a used car, and when buying privately you can expect to pay a little more.
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