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Optional Extras

Most options won’t offer any financial benefit when the time comes to sell your car. However, it does not mean you should buy a vehicle with the fewest number of features possible. Some comfort features such as air conditioning and power windows is expected by most drivers these days and should offer the most return on investment. Be sure to note that most tech and stylistic options won’t return much value on the used-car market.

Service / Maintenance History

Follow the maintenance schedule in the original manufacturer service book. Keep any receipts you might have saved for maintenance or repairs that was done to the vehicle, no matter how minor the work has been. A full service history and saved receipts for any work done will show the vehicle has been cared for. Prospective car buyers will always be more attracted to a car having a fully documented service history, and would be willing to pay more compared with a car that lacks documented history.

Drive Carefully

Drive with care – Any history of accident damage, or even minor dents and scratch to the car can have a severe negative effect on the resale value of the car.
In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident, be sure to make use of a reputable repair shop and insist on only using factory (also known as OEM, for Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Car buyers with a trained eye, will quickly spot bad repair work and this will have a huge impact on the final sales price. Keep a record and save all receipts of repair work done to the vehicle as this would come in handy when it comes time to sell or trade.
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