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Concluding a Sales Transaction

Ready to hand over your car keys? Follow these Guidelines to finalize the sale

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Arranging a Meeting with Prospective Buyers

Your first person-to-person contact with the buyer can be an unnerving experience. Decide beforehand whether you will meet the prospective buyer in a public place or Garage. You as the seller control this transaction and you do not have to give out your personal address, but it is up to you to decide.
Try and meet at a busy place where there are CCTV cameras present and ask a friend or colleague to go with you when meeting the buyer. Buyers should always come to an address specified by you, the seller. It is not recommended to go to their address or meet them at a location of their choice.

Allowing a Test Drive

Few people would buy a car without test driving it first, and if the buyer likes your car, such a request should be happily granted. Keep your car keys at your side at all times. When going for a test drive, get into the front passenger seat while your friend / colleague gets in at the back and then hand over the keys. Another good safety precaution is to have a friend / colleague trail behind you in another car.
It is not recommended that buyers test drive vehicles alone, but if such a request is made, and you feel comfortable with it, make sure that:
• You take a picture of the buyer’s driver’s license
• A time limit is set on the test drive
• You exchange cell phone numbers
In all instances, make sure that:
• The person driving the vehicle has a valid driver’s license
• The driver’s license information matches with what you were told during first contact.
• The vehicle is properly insured and that the policy cover’s 3rd party drivers with your permission.

The Sales Agreement

Once the buyer has indicated that they are interested in purchasing the car, and both parties agreed on a price, consider drawing up a sales agreement. This is a written agreement for the purchase of your car between you and the buyer. It can be a simple, straightforward, one page document.
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