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Concluding a Sales Transaction

Ready to hand over your car keys? Follow these Guidelines to finalize the sale

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There you go, finally everything has been prepared and your classified ad has been listed. You are now ready to sell your car. Ensure you are available to answer phone calls and meet buyers for inspections and / or test-drives.

Finding a Buyer

If possible, try to provide more than one form of contact information for potential buyers when creating your ad. Providing both a phone number and an email address will increase your chances of receiving inquiries quickly. Reply to all messages promptly – an interested buyer might quickly reconsider, or find another car if you don’t reply within a reasonable amount of time.

Making Contact

When you are contacted by a prospective buyer, make sure to obtain buyer’s full name, email address and phone number. Having as much information as possible will help verify their identity after concluding the call. Be truthful and direct when being questioned about the car. Honesty builds credibility, and no car buyer expects a used car to be perfect. Treat the conversation as a marketing opportunity by emphasizing the positives and key selling points.
If you feel comfortable with the buyer, arrange a meeting point for the viewing of the car and try to be available at the buyer’s convenience. Before meeting with the buyer, use directory listings or a follow-up email to confirm the buyer’s identity. Be cautious if the information provided doesn’t check out.
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