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Renew your car’s license disc with FNB’s updated Nav>> App

August 6, 2017

FNB Car Nav App
Introducing nav» Car on the FNB APP

Perhaps Steve had a point all along… FNB customers will now be able to renew their car licence discs online, including delivery to your door, with their recently released nav>> Car app! You are also able to address other car maintenance needs through the bank’s new nav» Car function which forms part of the main FNB mobile app.

The new car section within the app was launched in June 2017 following the launch of nav» Home, which was unveiled last year to assist customers to value their house. Since late last year, already half a million customers accessed the nav>>Home functionality on the APP according to FNB.

Let’s face it, renewing your license disk can be quite a pain, and can take up hours of your already busy schedule. This is very convenient, but convenience often comes at a price… which in this case is R199 for a one-time renewal! You can also opt for the subscription option called ‘On-road PROTECT’ which will set you back R95 per month, but includes up to five licence disc renewals with free delivery, payment of traffic fines and more… Hmm, very convenient indeed!

FNB Car Nav App
Using nav» Car on the FNB APP

How to Renew your Licence Disk with FNB’s nav>>Car app

  • Go to the App Store, Update the App to the latest version
  • Once logged in you need to go to Services > nav>>Car > Licence Renewal.
  • Scan your car’s license disc using the app & phone camera.
  • Fill out the application form, pay for the disc (and fines) in app and have the new disc delivered to your door.

Note: You will not be able to renew Any expired licence disks on the App.

Other nav» Car key features include:

  • Seamless vehicle licence disc renewal with delivery
  • Car assists with instant fine notifications, and easy in-app payment.
  • Quick and easy garage management: View your Wesbank car finance statements, stay tuned to your car’s specs and get a free instant car value estimate. WesBank financed customers will also get easy access to important information like NaTis documents.
  • On-road PROTECT: The bundle option offers the vehicle licence renewal experience for up to 5 discs with free delivery, fine discounts negotiated on your behalf, 24/7 bail assistance at roadblocks and lastly Road Accident Fund (RAF) claim and tyre repair claim assistance due to pothole damage.

The nav» Car functionality was introduced by FNB in collaboration with WesBank. (And we are quite sure Steve was involved also…)

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