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Audi’s New Model Naming System Hints at the Future of Cars

August 25, 2017

Audi New Model Naming System
Audi’s New Model Naming System Drops Engine Size

  • Designations taking effect worldwide for all drive types
  • Engine size designation replaced with power output numbering system
  • Clearly discernible hierarchy in each model series
  • Audi A8 the first model with new type designation

Earlier this week, Audi introduced a brand-new model naming system for its entire range of automobiles. With Audi’s new standardized nomenclature, new model designations will be linked to engine output rather than capacity.

As alternative drive technologies become increasingly abundant, engine displacement as a measure of performance is becoming less relevant. The logic of structuring model designations according to power output makes it possible to distinguish between the various performance levels of all types of engines according to Audi.

The move will allow future models to reflect the added performance delivered by electric-powered hybrid systems and/or pure electric powertrains, such as that being developed for the company’s 2018 e-tron SUV.

The names of the model series from Audi A1 to Audi Q7 will remain unchanged, however within the model families, combinations of two numbers will replace the various type designations previously used.

The new designations stand for the specific power output and apply both to cars with combustion engines and to e-tron models with hybrid and electric drives.

The reference value for the new model designations is the power output of the individual model in kilowatts (kW). Audi is thus sub-classifying its model range into different performance levels – each identified by a two-numeral combination. The new names will apply to all standard Audi models, meaning that petrol, diesel, natural gas, plug-in hybrid and electric powertrain models will be directly comparable.

For example, the numeral combination “30” will appear on the rear of all models with power output between 81 and 96 kW. And “45” stands for power output between 169 and 185 kW. The top of the Audi model range is the performance class above 400 kW, which is identifiable by the number combination “70”. In each case the numerals appear along with the engine technology – TFSI, TDI, g-tron or e-tron.

Audi New Model Naming System
Audi’s New Model Naming System – 50 means between 210 and 230kW

Here’s a quick reference table to Audi’s two-digit naming system:

  • 30 for models with between 81 and 96kW
  • 35 for models with between 110 and 120kW
  • 40 for models with between 125 and 150kW
  • 45 for models with between 169 and 185kW
  • 50 for models with between 210 and 230kW
  • 60 for models with between 320 and 340kW
  • 70 for models with more than 400kW

The changes will kick off with the new Audi A8 generation in the fall of 2017 (pictured above) and in the coming months, all Audi model series launched on the market will be assigned the new performance designations.

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