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VW’s ID Buzz EV Set to Become a Reality in 2022

August 21, 2017

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Side

There is most certainly a ‘Buzz’ around electric vehicles these days (Pun intented). It seems that almost half of the latest car news revolves around EV technology each day! With new electric car start-ups, such as Lucid & Fiskar rivalling Tesla springing up all the time, as well as traditional car makers investing heavily in EV tech, the car as we’ve known it for decades, it is in for huge changes!

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Driving

When Volkswagen first revealed their ID Buzz concept, the assumption was that it would meet the same fate as many concept cars – look good on paper, create a buzz and then disappear into oblivion as economic realities set in.

Thankfully, the electric ID Buzz, which is inspired by the classic VW Microbus, will arrive at dealerships in 2022 according to a report by Volkswagen. This was confirmed over the weekend at one of the most prestigious automotive events in the world – the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Side

We’ll take this with a pinch of salt though. Half a decade is still a long way to go and a lot could change during this time, but hopefully the retro styling, semi-autonomous driving and all-wheel drive option will carry over.

As per VW’s initial reveal of the ID Buzz, here are some highlights:

  • All-electric driving range of up to 270 miles, comparable to gasoline engined cars
  • Maximum flexibility: I.D. electric drive system allows seating for up to eight and two luggage compartments
  • Focus on people: in the fully autonomous “I.D. Pilot” driving mode, the driver’s seat can be turned 180 degrees to face the rear
  • Traction for any terrain: electric all-wheel drive with two motors and 369 horsepower
  • Head-up display projects information via augmented reality
  • Vehicle features fully autonomous driving capability
  • Flexible center console with tablet display and Beats® Bluetooth® loudspeakers can be used outside the vehicle

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Rear Side

This vehicle is a testament to VW’s determination to embrace electric transportation technology and put its diesel gate scandals in the past. They are willing to take a chance on an exciting concept that could easily have been consigned to the history books.

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Conceptual Interior Arrangement

The EV is primarily targeted at China, Europe and North America, but with the Microbus’ long successful history in South Africa, we’ll be surprised if we don’t see it here shortly after release in these countries.

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Cockpit

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Steering

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz EV | Interior

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