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Should Tesla Model S be scared of the 378km/h Lucid Air?

August 16, 2017

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Luxury EV

While the Lucid Air has been officially unveiled in December 2016 already, the small California electric vehicle (EV) carmaker recently made waves when the Lucid Air hit a new top speed of 378 km/h with its Alpha Speed Car prototype.

The speed record took place in July 2017 at the Transportation Research Centre’s 7.5-mile test track in Ohio, US.

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Front

This accomplishment puts Lucid squarely into performance territory of exotic Super cars such as the Koenigsegg, Bugatti, LaFerarri etc, but at an “affordable” price, compared to the aforementioned at least! This is quite impressive for a small company of less than 300 employees, some of which previously worked at Mazda & Tesla.

Lucid mainly developed battery technology in the early years, but began making an aluminium prototype car in 2014. The Lucid Air, the company’s first EV, was designed and built in only a few short years.

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Rear Side

With the Lucid Air’ launch price in the US of $52500 (About R700,000), this small start-up definitely aims to shake-up the EV world, which Tesla dominates for the time being, with their conviction and passion.

The all-electric, Lucid Air which looks like you’re riding in your own private jet, comes fully-loaded with plenty of leg room, sweeping glass roof, reclining back seats and the latest self-driving tech. (Lucid has agreed with Mobileye to use their EyeQ4 chips and 8 cameras for driver assist features.)

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Rear Side

Who cares if the Lucid Air can hit 378km/h – what Lucid is really pointing itself toward is exactly that market segment Tesla Model S is so comfortably leading, the luxury EV sedan segment.

Competitively priced below the Model S range, US citizens can now pre-order their Lucid Air with the entry level EV starting at $52500 (+-R700,000)

The Tesla Model S currently starts at $69,500 (+-R925,000), but perhaps they’ll reconsider their pricing when the Lucid Air hits the streets of the US in 2018. The company has big plans to roll out production to China and Europe, but sadly we will not be seeing this beast in SA anytime soon!

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Urban, real world

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Luxury Interior with enhanced cabin isolation

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Sweeping glass roof with electrochromic shading

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Luxury EV featuring 29-speaker audio system

Lucid Air EV
The Lucid Air – Rear executive seats with up to 55 degrees of recline

This car is simply insane! Check out this video.

Should Tesla be worried? Check out the quick comparison below:

Horsepower 400 1000 382 590
Range (Miles) 240 315 259 315
Drive Rear-wheel drive All-wheel Drive Rear-wheel drive All-wheel Drive
0-100km/h TBC 2.7 sec (Est.) 4.3 sec (Jul 2017) 2.7 sec
Top Speed TBC 378 km/h TBC (250 km/h) Software limited
Price (S) 52500 TBC 69500 142000

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