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New Nissan Leaf is Faster, has Better Range and Cheaper!

September 6, 2017

Nissan Leaf
The New 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf has long been the EV choice for the masses. Nissan has sold more than 283,000 Leafs since its electric hatch went on sale in 2010. The Japanese manufacturer has brought more electric vehicles to people than any other make. (Yes, even Tesla!)

Nissan Leaf
The New 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf | Front

Although it faced stiff competition in recent years from the likes of the Chevy Bolt, BMW i3 and Tesla’s recently introduced Model 3, this 2nd generation Leaf sure seems up to the task.
For one, the new Leaf is cheaper than its predecessor and Nissan hopes the lower price will lure EV buyers to its car. The entry price of the new car starts at $29,990 (+-R390k), a full $700 (R9000) cheaper than the 1st Gen Leaf. It also undercuts rivals Chevy Bolt & Tesla Model 3 by about $5000 (R65k).

What’s more, the new EV also has better performance as well as a longer range and comes with ‘ProPilot’, a hands-on semi-autonomous feature for heavy traffic conditions.

Nissan Leaf
The New 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf | Rear

Nissan eventually expects the range of the Leaf to exceed 500km when an E-Plus model is introduced in 2019, but at launch early in 2018, the base model’s claimed range will be +-380km (Figures according to the Japanese rating agency standards). This is a huge improvement over the outgoing model’s +-200km real-world range.

It would also rank the new Leaf easily ahead of mainstream rivals such as the BMW i3 & Chev Bolt which claim ranges of about 300km.

Nissan Leaf
The New 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf | Battery Pack

A higher density lithium ion battery pack has been fitted to the new car and it utilizes a new platform that features a floor-mounted battery. The new battery is the same size as its predecessor, but holds more ions to offer 40kWh of energy. The electric drivetrain now sends 110kW to the front wheels and accelerate from 0-100km/h in about 8 seconds according to Nissan. (This is a 3,5 second improvement over the previous 1st gen Leaf)

Nissan Leaf
The New 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf | Driving

In the tech department, the car has a bundle of new autonomous features. These include a next-gen ‘Propilot’ system that’s based around adaptive cruise control technology.
The semi-autonomous heavy traffic feature keeps the car in its lane while constantly tracking the vehicle in front of it, and can bring the car to a complete stop if necessary. There is also a new automatic parking function, called Propilot Park. (Read more on Autonomous driving levels here)

Nissan Leaf
The New 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf | Interior Cabin

Nissan also introduced e-Pedal, it’s one-pedal driving solution with the Leaf. (Nissan calls this a world first, but Teslas have been using this regenerative braking system for a while) It’s a simple system, put your foot on the accelerator to speed up and release to come to a full stop.

The car goes on sale in Europe and the US in early 2018, but its yet to be seen if it is destined for South Africa sometime in the future.

Nissan Leaf
The New 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf | Dashboard

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