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Mazda Reveals Gorgeous Kai Concept and Vision Coupe in Tokyo

October 25, 2017

Kai Concept
The Mazda Kai Concept | Front

Earlier today Mazda took the veil off two new concept vehicles at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

The Mazda Kai concept is a gorgeous looking compact hatchback that heralds a new generation of inspired vehicles from the Japanese carmaker.

Kai Concept
The Mazda Kai Concept | Side

Mazda has not revealed a lot of detail, but the Kai will feature the next-generation SKYACTIV-X petrol engine, SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture and what the company calls ‘a more mature expression’ of the KODO design language. (The SKYACTIV-X is set to become the first compression-ignition gasoline engine in the industry)

Kai Concept
The Mazda Kai Concept | Rear

The Kai Concept is said to embody the technology, engineering and styling concepts that will define the coming generation of Mazdas.

Refinements in all areas of dynamic performance have produced a considerably quieter, more comfortable ride and enhanced performance. The Kai Concept features muscular, solid proportions in a form brought to life by a delicate flow of reflections over the sides of the body.

Vision Concept
The Mazda Vision Concept | Side

Along with the Kai concept, Mazda also revealed another stunner in the form of the Vision Coupe Concept. The coupe features the KODO – Soul of Motion design language that expresses a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, achieving a simple ‘one-motion’ form that conveys a sense of speed.

Vision Concept
The Mazda Vision Concept | Front

The Vision Coupe concept pays homage to Mazda’s tradition of design elegance represented by coupé models like the Mazda R360, Mazda’s first passenger car, and the Mazda Luce Rotary, also known as the Mazda R130.

Vision Concept
The Mazda Vision Concept | Rear

According to the car maker, these concept cars is said to represent a new generation of Mazda cars. If this is the future design language of Mazda, it sure looks promising!

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