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Datsun reveals unconventional ‘Hot-hatch’ looking concept

August 14, 2017

Datsun Go Live
Datsun Go Live Concept

Enter the Datsun Go….Live. Yes, it’s a Datsun Go, but Nissan says this Datsun GO live concept “caters to fun optimistic attitudes of young Indonesian car enthusiasts.” This fun little plaything is clearly based on the Go hatchback – a vehicle that’s been available in South Africa, India & Indonesia since Nissan relaunched Datsun as a budget brand for the developing markets back in 2014. The Datsun Go was the first car released by the Japanese automaker Nissan under the Datsun brand, since it was discontinued in 1986.

Datsun Go Live
Datsun Go Live Concept | Front

As the name suggests, the Datsun GO live is based on the popular Datsun GO. However, it’s obvious at first sight that this compact hatchback is something altogether different – created specifically for young drivers who see customizing vehicles as a way of life.

It’s obvious at first glance that the GO live’s exterior has been created to directly reflect the fashion mindset and culture among today’s young free spirited millenials. For example, the camouflage-style paint scheme is based on colours and patterns found on many of today’s trendy clothes, shoes and accessories. The bright yellow accents throughout the body make the concept car stand out in any crowd.

Datsun Go Live
Datsun Go Live Concept | Side

The GO live’s dramatic body style exudes a totally different personality from the Datsun GO, turning the compact 5-door hatchback into a confidence-inspiring and vigorous road machine. The front fascia is now characterized by a large, bold hexagonal grille and slim, canted headlights. Bulging fender flares, inspired by Datsun’s design heritage, give the car a wide, muscular stance.

Datsun Go Live
Datsun Go Live Concept | Top

The live’s unconventional silhouette is tall and sleek. Its main intention is to provide a fun, personalized mode of transportation, and stepping into and out of the vehicle is a breeze thanks to its high roofline and floor – not to mention large front and rear doors. To complement its elevated stance, the GO live comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, featuring yellow spokes to match the body accents. That said, the sporty side skirts provide plenty of flair when seen in profile. The rear sits high, giving the impression that the GO live is constantly moving forward. It’s highlighted by large, square tail lights, a thick rear bumper and a flamboyant, roof-mounted rear wing.

Datsun Go Live
Datsun Go Live Concept | Rear

While this concept vehicle is mainly a styling exercise. This car could hint at the design language of future Datsun models…

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