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The New BMW M5 (F90) Performs at Supercar Level!

August 22, 2017

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90

With a 0-100km/h time of 3.4 seconds, and 447kW of power, this new M5 has supercar-like performance!

Yes, from the exterior bar a few minor details, there is not much that distinguishes the new M5 from a regular 5-series saloon. But don’t be mistaken, under the bonnet you will quickly realize this is a wolf in sheeps’ clothing.

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | In the details

The new BMW M5 uses a revised version of the outgoing version’s 4.4-liter biturbo V8. This new engine produces a remarkable 447 kilowatts between 5,600 and 6,700 rpm, and 750 Newton-meters of maximum torque. That number is up from the 428 kW and 677 Nm compared to the previous model. (View a comparison of all the previous BMW M5 model’s performance levels in the table below…)

The evolution of the BMW M5’s performance over the years:

BMW M5 Model Engine Power Torque Curb Weight Circulation
E28 M5 (1985–1988) 3.5L 210 kW n/a 1,498 kg 2,191 produced
E34 M5 (1989–1995) 3.8L 232 kW 360 Nm 1,750 kg 12,254 produced
E39 M5 (1999–2003) 4.9L 294 kW n/a 1,826 kg 20,482 produced
E60 M5 (2005–2010) 5.0L 373 kW 520 Nm 1,855 kg 19,564 produced
F10 M5 (2011–2016) 4.4L 428 kW 667 Nm 1,945 kg Still in production
F90 M5 (2017-Future) 4.4L 447 kW 750 Nm 1,855 kg Future

(Click here, for an explanation on how BMW’s E, F & G codenames work)

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | Power Slide

This new BMW is by far the quickest, most powerful M5 yet. All this added power propels the car from 1-100 kilometres per hour in just 3.4 seconds, and will continue on to 305 km/h if the electronic limiter is removed.

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | Rear Side

The drivetrain is coupled to a new eight-speed M Steptronic automatic gearbox, with three optional driving modes: Efficient, Sport, and Sport Plus.

Power is sent to all four wheels via an M xDrive system, with the option to cycle between 4WD, 4WD Sport, and 2WD. You also have the option to disable the stability control entirely if you are up for it!

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | Rear

Orders for the new M5 starts in September at a launch price of €117,900. (Wow, R1,83Million for a M5!)

The first cars will be delivered in Spring of 2018. (Launch date in SA still unconfirmed)

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | Side

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | Cockpit

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | Driver’s side

New BMW M5 E90
The New BMW M5 E90 | Sport Seating

New BMW M5 E90
The BMW M5 First Edition, pictured in Individual Frozen Dark Red Metallic paintwork above, will be limited to just 400 units worldwide. This version costs an extra €19,500 (R300,000) over the standard model.

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