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TransUnion’s Dealers Guide Now Digital in South Africa

September 7, 2017

TransUnion Dealers Guide
The TransUnion Dealers Guide now Digital!

Buying a used car, but unsure of its history, legitimacy or value? The auto industry standard: ‘TransUnion Auto Dealers’ Guide’, has been in use for over 5 decades in South Africa to reliably determine the correct value and history of used cars.

TransUnion Dealers Guide
TransUnion Dealers Guide now part of the 1-Check app

The TransUnion Dealers Guide is widely used by car dealers, finance institutions as well as insurance brokers to identify a specific car model, including consideration of the age, mileage and condition of a used car to determine its value for trade and retail.

TransUnion Dealers Guide
The TransUnion Dealers Guide convenience in your pocket!

It instantly reflects the market retail and trade values for every make and model of vehicle in South Africa, providing information on passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, medium commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and motorbikes assisting in making better decisions when trading, financing or insuring used vehicles.

TransUnion Dealers Guide
The TransUnion Dealers Guide increased to 224 Brands!

Formerly known as the Mead & McGrouther Auto Dealers’ Guide, it was first printed in 1962 and has only been available in print format for 55 years until now.
Produced by TransUnion Auto, the Dealers Guide smartphone app is set to become the dealer’s new right-hand man. (No more flipping through pages of worn-out, reader’s-digest sized booklets from now on!)

TransUnion Dealers Guide
The TransUnion Dealers Guide  – Now Available in 1-Check App!

While the value has always been given based on market averages, the new Digital Dealers Guide enables users to search specific VIN numbers as well. The Digital Dealers Guide will be contained within the already widely-used TransUnion 1-Check app which is available from Google Play and Apple App Store.

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