Drive It

Gear Up - Dealer Loyalty Program

‘Gear up’ your vehicle stock’s exposure & sales with our dealer loyalty program!

Dealers! Post more than 30 vehicle listings on Drive it and your future listings could be upgraded to ‘Featured’ status!

Featured listings ‘stand-out’ above the rest of similar vehicles. Such listings is more visible to buyers who are conducting a search for a particular vehicle by always appearing at the top of the results with a ‘Featured’ banner!

To show our appreciation for your continued support, car dealers who posted more than 30 quality vehicle listings on will be considered for our ‘Gear up’ loyalty program. Once you have reached ‘Gear up’ status, all your future listings will show as ‘Featured’ on our website as long as more than 30 active listings are maintained at all times.

What exactly is a ‘Featured Listing’?

A Featured listing is a ‘preferred’ listing that appears at the top of our search results if it is relevant to a particular vehicle search that is being conducted. Featured listings also have a blue ribbon at the top of the listing picture that highlights the vehicle for sale most closely representing a user’s search criteria.

Qualifying Criteria:

  • More than 30 active vehicle listings have to be maintained.
  • Have a record of posting high quality listings. (All submission fields should always be properly filled in and includes a proper description as well as good photos – Complete submissions makes it easy for our editors to review and approve)
  • Have a completed dealer/user profile.
Kindly note that we reserve the right to change any of the qualifying criteria for our ‘Gear up’ dealer rewards program at any time.