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Writing a Good Sales Ad

In a hurry to sell your car? A well written classified ad can make all the difference!

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Be realistic and honest about your vehicle’s condition. Second hand buyers expect used cars to have some wear on them and there is no need pretending the car is something it’s not. If you own up to a couple of faults such as: stained upholstery or dent in the rear fender that will be obvious upon viewing anyway, you will save you time in the long run, and will let buyers know you are truthful. Include the reason for selling the car. This is a very common buyer question, and it gives buyers a sense of the car’s condition.
Take a good look at your vehicle and decide which category it falls into: Mint (excellent), good, fair or poor condition. Remember to factor in possible maintenance or repair work and make price adjustments in accordance with necessary repairs.

Service history & warranty information

A well-serviced vehicle is always in demand. If you have the full service history documents / receipts, mention in your ad that you have this on offer. It will back up your claim that the car has been well-cared for. If your car is still under warranty and it is transferable, list the details of the maintenance plan your car has and for how long it is still valid.

Asking price, Negotiating terms & Forms of payment

A vehicle’s price is determined by a whole range of factors including: make, model, mileage, service history, condition, accident reports and the demand for the particular vehicle in the current market. Carefully take everything into consideration before determining a price that you feel is appropriate. For more information visit this link: ‘Determining the sales price of your car’
If you are willing to consider lower offers, be sure to add wording such as ‘Price Negotiable’, ‘ONCO’ or ‘Best Offer’ to your ad which could result in more leads but, make sure you’re ready to follow through on the price reduction and always consider beforehand how low you would be prepared to go.
Let buyers know what types of payment you would be willing to accept and/or will not accept. If you are only willing to accept cash, or would not consider accepting checks, make sure to mention this in your ad.
Creating a good ad when selling a car online is essential. Be sure to highlight all the positives, but also mention the negatives. Used car buyers knows they are buying second hand and does not expect everything to be perfect, so you might as well be honest.
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