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Writing a Good Sales Ad

In a hurry to sell your car? A well written classified ad can make all the difference!

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Follow the Format

Follow the standard format. Browse through some of the other online car classifieds and you will quickly notice that all vehicle classifieds sites follow a traditional format and have a legend for standard automotive abbreviations. All well written ads have a clear pattern. These ads will include year, make, model, engine size and whether it’s an automatic or a manual transmission. This information should also make out the headline of your ad as this is the most important to buyers when browsing through the ads. Next should be the mileage and price followed by the condition of the vehicle, any accessories and options, colour and your contact information.

Start with the Basics

Every car classified ad should begin with the basics, starting with the make, model, mileage and year. Include the engine size or trim version of your model, as it makes a difference in the value. The trim version could include standard extra additions such as leather upholstery, luxury accessories or additional safety features.
When browsing, car buyers will want see the most relevant information as soon as possible in your ad, so build a basic foundation of information, and then add more details towards the bottom of the ad. The basic advert should include the following essential details:
• Make, Model (Including engine size / trim level)
• Year of registration
• Mileage (Kilometres)
• Price
• Whether it has a full service history
• Colour
• Number of previous owners
• Seller’s contact details
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