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Writing a Good Sales Ad

In a hurry to sell your car? A well written classified ad can make all the difference!

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When it comes to selling & replacing your current car, a lot of vehicle owners are opting to sell their cars privately instead of trading them in with car dealers hoping to get add about 10-20% to the sales price. This is of course very possible, but it does go hand-in-hand with a little more work and sometimes it can take a long time to make a sale. A well written ad can make all the difference to the amount of interest you receive from prospective buyers as well as the speed at which you sell your car.
Like any advertisement, a classified car listing needs to be engaging as well as informative to capture a potential buyer’s attention. Make sure that you include all the relevant information. Your ad should be accurate, honest and free of spelling and grammar errors. Whether you’re selling your vehicle online or through newspaper classifieds, this guide will help you to write exciting, effective ads to sell your vehicle in no time:

Gather Information

Start off by grabbing a pen and paper and write down everything you know about your car. Write down the car’s mileage (kilometres) and continue to list all the features that can be found in your car, from tow bar to sunroof. Before creating your online listing, ask someone to proof read your write-up and give you suggestions.
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