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Taking Show-Stopper Pictures for a Classified Ad

A cliché, yes but… A good picture still says a 1000 words about the vehicle you are selling!

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Interesting angles

Ad an interesting angle to your shots – don’t just walk back until the car fits the camera viewfinder and snap! Be creative and try and get away from normal eye-level shots. Play around with very low shots, high shots, offsetting the car in the frame or tilting the camera slightly etc. Photos from the top can create especially attractive shots and also allow the photo to capture multiple angles of the car. Make you pictures stand out from the rest by switching on the headlights or turning the front wheels lightly outward.

Capture the details

Often, some of the most beautiful features of a car can be seen in the finer details. Focus on getting close-up shots of unique features of the car from various angles. Highlighting the special or unique features with your pictures will show prospective buyers what you love about your car and why it might be different from the many other similar listings. If you feel it might be a selling point, show a picture of it!

Be Honest

Finally, buyers also want to know what’s wrong with the vehicle. If there are scratches, dents or other issues with the car that you do not intent to fix, don’t be afraid to post pictures of it. This helps build your credibility and will eventually be revealed when a buyer comes to look at your car.
Some buyers might request to see more photos via email before committing to a viewing or test drive. This is not an unreasonable request and you should be prepared for it by having some additional good quality photos available.
By following the guidelines above, you should have good quality pictures that highlight your car’s best attributes. By posting great pictures, it is likely that you would see more interest from buyers and potentially sell your car that much faster. All the best!
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