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Taking Show-Stopper Pictures for a Classified Ad

A cliché, yes but… A good picture still says a 1000 words about the vehicle you are selling!

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There are lots of places where you can advertise your car for sale, including: newspaper classifieds, ad papers, notice boards or you can even place a notice in the window of your car. Fortunately we live in modern times and placing a classified ad online (on is a much more convenient way to get instant exposure to your sales advertisement.
Some vehicle classified websites charge a fee for placing an ad, but offers a completely free quality listing service.

Taking Show-Stopper Pictures

It does not matter whether you’re trying to sell your car online or offline, your classified ad pictures really can say 1,000 words about the vehicle you are selling. Listings that feature a photo typically get twice the response of ads without photos and instantly give potential buyers a good idea of the kind of car you have on offer.
Pictures are arguably the most important part of an ad when selling a vehicle, and the information in this document outlines the do’s and don’ts when it comes to vehicle photographing and to capture some great shots for your classified ad!

Wash / clean the car

This might seem obvious, but make sure your vehicle is in exceptional shape when it comes time to photograph it. Wash & polish the exterior and clean the interior thoroughly. Your aim should be to try and make the car look as new as possible. Remove any stickers or other personal touches that might detract from the car’s original mint condition.

Choose a pleasant environment

The first step in getting the right picture is to choose a suitable, pleasing environment for the ‘photo shoot’. The beauty of a car can quickly be ruined by ugly surroundings like cluttered garages / driveways or dull parking lots. Try to find a background that compliments the car, or enhance the overall appearance of the car, without distracting the buyer from viewing it.
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