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How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Paying too much? It might be time to sit down and review your insurance policy.

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The costs involved in owning and maintaining a car can be staggering. Regular servicing is required, there are annual licensing fees and not to mention the ever increasing fuel costs! Another of these big expenses is auto insurance, which goes hand-in-hand with responsible vehicle ownership.
Even though auto insurance companies calculate their rates differently based on their own risk analysis and profit margins, there are some general guidelines that are sure to help you reduce your vehicle insurance costs.
Some insurance companies might place more value on one scenario than another and unfortunately there are no universal guidelines that will lead to a great discount with every insurer, but understanding the following main factors that affect your premium can help you save a little, or maybe even a lot!


Combining all your insurance policies with one insurer could mean significant cost savings. If you insure multiple items with a single company, insurance companies will often offer bulk discount rates because it is more lucrative to them than insuring a single item. You could be able to shave as much as 10% off of your total premium.
Some insurance companies may also provide a discount on your car insurance if you also maintain other policies, such as homeowners’ or life insurance with the same firm.
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