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What Exactly is Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance?

Are my wheels fully covered or not?

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What is covered?

In South Africa, comprehensive coverage protects you against damages to your car that are the result of a collision, as well as many other destructive forces and could include:
• Collision / Accident damage
• Bumper bashings as well as scratches and dents
• Theft or Hijacking
• Vandalism (Intentional damage by another party)
• Fire
• Natural disasters such as floods or storms
• Falling objects
• Damage done to your vehicle by animals
• A civil disturbance, like a riot that results in damage or destruction of your car
• Hail damage
• Third party damage
• Liability claims
In order for a claim to be honoured by an insurer, there are of course some stipulations you have to adhere to, especially in the event of a road accident. Usually claims will not be honoured when a driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol, not adhering to the road regulations, driving an un-roadworthy vehicle or driving without a valid driver’s license.

What is not covered?

Additional coverage terms is where the line starts to get a little blurred when it comes to comprehensive coverage. Depending on the insurance house, some of the below might be covered by their comprehensive policy but in most instances are not covered.
• Additional driver(s)
• Roadside assistance (Towing at a limited cost is usually included only)
• Trauma / Medical / Legal assistance
• Car Rental (Courtesy car)
• Personal property stolen from within your vehicle
• Lockout services
• Gap insurance
• OEM Endorsement (Sometimes additional cost for OEM parts vs. aftermarket parts)
• Windscreen Coverage (Covered, but if you opt for a high excess it could essentially wipe out your glass coverage.)
Remember: As with all insurance policies, you should check with your insurance broker to make sure all the coverage that you require is included under the comprehensive coverage of your car insurance policy.
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