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What Car Cover Can I Do Without?

Additional car insurance provisions. Are they Essential, desirable or just plain unnecessary?

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Dropping certain types of vehicle coverage can be risky, and should be carefully considered before a decision is made. Nobody can predict if or when an accident will occur and every situation is different. At present it is not a legal requirement that a motor vehicle must be insured in South Africa, but every vehicle owner or driver should consider taking out basic auto coverage. At the very least make sure your car is covered with a 3rd party / liability insurance policy. If not, you could be facing serious legal action against your financial assets – your home, salary or investments in the event of an accident where a 3rd party has suffered expensive property damages or even loss of life.
However, with the above in mind, it makes no sense to pay for a large amount of extras that you likely might never use or which might be inappropriate to your situation. This article studies the types of car insurance that you could, in some instances, consider dropping to save on your monthly insurance premium.


If you own a car that is quite old, paid-off and does not have a lot of capital value it could make sense to eliminate the comprehensive insurance policy and take out 3rd party insurance only. Damages and/or loss to one’s own vehicle makes up a large portion of the total comprehensive policy whereas 3rd party insurance only covers damages to other vehicles / persons in case of collision. For a car with very low market value, comprehensive coverage sometimes does not make sense, because any claim you make probably won’t exceed the cost of the insurance and the excess amount.


Road side or emergency assistance is not a big part of your insurance premium, but think twice before paying extra for it. Chances are that you are already covered for this through your tracking company, car club, AA, credit card or elsewhere.
It might be a good idea to have a roadside assistance plan elsewhere anyway, because after a tow your auto insurance premium could increase and there are often limits on cost of towing, or the number of times you can be towed through your insurance policy.
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