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Paperwork Required when Buying a Used Car

The Registration procedure and the Transfer of ownership explained

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STEP 4 – Getting Short-Term Insurance in Place

It is important to ensure that you take out comprehensive insurance before taking final ownership of the vehicle. Make sure you can afford the car’s insurance premiums and you have sufficient coverage. The seller of the car will cancel their insurance and will make sure that they are going to be free of liability for their sold vehicle once it leaves your driveway for the last time.

STEP 5 – Getting the Vehicle Registered

To get the vehicle registered in the new owner’s name, it is required that the seller or buyer visit the nearest vehicle registration authority and submit the following documents:
• Identification document (ID)
• The vehicle registration certificate (In the seller’s name)
• A roadworthy certificate, if the current registration certificate is older than six months
• Proof of purchase (The sales agreement, or a receipt provided by the seller)
• A valid motor vehicle licence ((Ensure that the licence fees for the vehicle are up to date)
• The completed application form for registering and licencing a motor vehicle (RLV – Blue form)
• Application fee (The fee depends on the province in which it is registered)

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