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Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Yes, new cars smell great, but how much is that really worth to you?

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Insurance rates are significantly affected by the age of a car. A used vehicle will in most cases be less expensive to insure than its newer counterpart.

Wider Selection

You would be able to buy a better equipped or more powerful version of the vehicle model you want, or you might be able to choose from a wider selection of car brands and models by opting for a used model, for the same price as a new car. Also, your selection of cars, and options further increase because you can buy used cars privately as well as from second hand dealers.

No Long order periods

Brand new cars have to be ordered from the factory in the country of manufacture, and you may have to wait for weeks or even months for your car to be delivered. Some luxury brands have up to a 12 month waiting period.
Individual’s needs differs widely and, the decision to buy new or used all comes down to what you can afford, are you willing to take on a little risk, or do you need complete peace of mind.
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