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The Benefits of Buying a New Car

Do you prefer the complete peace-of-mind of owning a brand new Car?

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Roadside assistance

A lot of new cars come with some membership which includes free roadside assistance while the vehicle remains under warranty. Some luxury automakers will even reimburse you or provide alternate transportation if you are stranded far from home.

Maintenance expenses

These days, a lot of car manufacturers, include free scheduled maintenance for a certain amount of time or mileage. Even though a new vehicle won’t need major maintenance for the first year or two, the cost saving should still be considered in the final price analysis when compared to buying a used car. Some maintenance plans can be effective for up to 5 years!

Warranty coverage

New vehicles comes with a standard manufacturer factory warranty without having to paying extra. The manufacturer’s warranty, which are usually in force at least 3 years, covers the car if something goes wrong and it is the responsibility of the dealer and manufacturer to fix it.


If you are willing to wait, you can usually spec a new car just the way you want it. Select your favourite colour and choose between various types of leather or cloth upholstery. The vehicle can be equipped with whatever features and upgrades you want, such as a high tech audio system, or the latest entertainment or navigation system. (At a price of course!)

Better Finance Rates

It is not the rule, but car buyers is often offered lower interests rates or a cash rebate when financing a new vehicle as an incentive. Do keep in mind however, even with lower interest rates, your payments may still be higher due to the larger sum being financed compared to buying a used car.
Individual’s needs differs widely and, the decision to buy new or used all comes down to what you can afford, are you willing to take on a little risk, or do you need complete peace of mind.
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